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My Story Tree!

I am a firm believer that tree climbing is good for the soul. It was whilst doing so that I decided to make my very own Story Tree. All my favourite children's books dangling from a wonderful, gnarly old tree near my family home. When I'd finished, it looked as though, over the years, it had twisted and grown to represent my childhood in branches of colourful pages and lively words leaping from the pages like new, spring leaves. In my Story Tree, you'd find plenty of amusing, animated alliteration, wordless picture books that capture my imagination, whimsical characters, plenty of cheekiness and the most wonderful words. Descriptive, silly, rhyming, flavoursome and even imaginary words.

Whilst I was tying the books to the branches, I found myself thinking how people's own story trees would differ from my own. The choice of the books themselves is so personal. Nostalgic bedtime favourites, ones that shaped your childhood games, memories from school or even ones you took pleasure from reading to others. Maybe the tree itself would be different? Tall, small, bare branches, bushy, elegant, crooked...

I'd love to hear what yours may be like! Maybe you could draw a picture and I could share your story tree on this page?!

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